Scholarships and Grants for Masters in Science Students

As a masters in science student, there are a number of scholarships and grants you can use to help pay for your education. Both of these options award students with “free” money for school – unlike student loans, you don’t have to repay scholarships or grants. Let’s take a look at some of the options available if you want to earn an advanced degree:

Science, Mathematics, And Research for Transformation Defense Scholarship for Research Program (SMART)

The SMART scholarship program awards 300 students in undergraduate and graduate programs money to completely pay for tuition, along with up to $41,000 as a stipend to pay for expenses. This program also provides money for medical insurance, books, and more, and any masters in science student is eligible to apply (math, engineering, and technology students are also eligible).

NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program (GSRP)

If you’re entering a masters in science program that focuses on space, the NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program might be a good option for you. Given to 180 students annually, this program awards students with $30,000 per year and is renewable for up to three years. As part of this program, you’ll also participate in a 10 week NASA Center research program.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship

If you’re interested in environmental science, you can apply for one of the 120 annual awards from the EPA, which funds master’s degree students for up to two years (and doctorate students for up to four years). If awarded this money, you’ll be given $37,000 per year for tuition, school-related expenses, and a stipend.

Other Funds for Science Students

Because science is such a large field and organizations want to encourage students to choose this educational route, there is virtually no limit to scholarships and grants available for students. In addition to the popular programs listed above, some other scholarships and grants you can consider include the following: Hertz Fellowship, National Science Foundation Alan T. Waterman Award, Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship, National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC) Fellowship, U.S. Department of Energy Global Change Program (GREF), M.W. Welch International Scholarship, American Society of Naval Engineers Scholarship, Raymond Davis Scholarship, and Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship. You can also find scholarships and grants directly from your college in many cases.

Top Online Master's Degrees in Science

Concordia University at Portland
Master of Science
Master of Mathematics
Concordia University at Portland – Concordia University at Portland has two master's degrees that are online programs designed for students interested in education. Both programs focus on developing and consulting curriculum and instruction, allowing students to work as educators, consultants, advisors, and program directors. There are two specializations available, one in science and the other in mathematics.
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University of Southern California
MS: GIS & Technology
University of Southern California – Southern Cal offers an MS in Geographic Information Science & Technology (GIST) through their online program. This degree equips its students with the fundamntal skills to cope with increasing GIST data complexity and more robust computer applications for GIST analysis, suitable for professions in real estate, telecommunications, government, infrastructure development, and more.
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New York Chiropractic College
MS: Clinical Nutrition
MS: Anatomy & Physiology
New York Chiropractic College – Explore science as it relates to the human body with either the MS in Applied Clinical Nutrition or the MS in Human Anatomy and Physiology from Ney York Chiropractic College. Help others through consulting on dieting and exercsing through a career as a Nutritionist, or you can enter the teacher profession instructing students on anatomy.
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Purdue University
MS: Educational Psych
MS: Psychology
MS: Information Tech
Purdue University – Purdue University offers several different Masters of Science degrees including Environmental Policy, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, and Information Technology. Students will get a broader understanding of how their managerial and executive roles are an integral part of shaping their industry while teaching them the skills to make the indispensable to their respective companies. Students in the Environmental Policy program are given the opportunity to learn managerial skills of how to function in various environments and to be successful in each situation.
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Northcentral University
MBA: Computer Science
Northcentral University – This MBA in Computer Science degree program presents prospective managers with practical abstract modern theory and practice in each of the key areas of managerial responsibility. Students are encouraged to apply the theory learned in the classroom and problem solve via the use of computers in practical business situations for a uniquely rewarding and educational experience. The curriculum is designed to provide preparation for professional careers in the areas of Software and Network Administration. A bachelor's degree or its equivalent is necessary to apply to this program.
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