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Published by admin on November 22, 2010

Astronomy is a very interesting subject. Many science students know how interesting the stars, and other objects out in space, can be. There are many beautiful and mysterious things in space, and astronomers look at them on a daily basis. You don’t have to have a Masters in science to enjoy learning about astronomy; there are a number of web sites and resources designed for the enthusiastic amateur. If you are interested in astronomy, here are 50 blogs that are definitely worth your while:

General Astronomy Blogs

Enjoy information on a wide variety of subjects related to astronomy and the science of space.

  1. Tom’s Astronomy Blog: General information on different subjects related to astronomy and star gazing.
  2. Slacker Astronomy: A good, basic look at astronomy, astronomy news and more.
  3. Astronomy Cast: Interesting podcast focusing on different issues related to astronomy and astrophysics.
  4. Astronomy Blog: Find out about what is happening in the world of astronomy from a U.K. point of view.
  5. The Rogues Gallery: An interesting look at the universe, coming from a skeptic point of view. A great place to go for debunking astronomy myths.
  6. The Spacewriter’s Ramblings: Enjoy information and thoughts regarding astronomy.

Astronomy and Space News

Keep up with the latest discoveries in space, and learn more about scientists are doing to learn about the development of the universe.

  1. Blog: Latest astronomy news and information. Great headlines regarding space, astronomy and science.
  2. The Great Beyond: Breaking news from the world of science, including astronomy news, from Nature.
  3. The Daily Galaxy: Cool headlines from the world of astronomy and space.
  4. Universe Today: Interesting headlines about space, astronomy and more.  An interesting look at headlines.
  5. MarsBlog: Enjoy reading headlines about space and find out about what’s new in space.
  6. News: Find out about what is happening with space, and get the latest headlines about what is happening in space.
  7. Skymania: You can read about the interesting things happening in space, and find out more what is happening in the world of astronomy.
  8. NASA Watch: An interesting look at what’s happening with NASA. An interesting look at what goes on as NASA.
  9. OrbitalHub: News about space, exploration and astronomy.
  10. The Space Fellowship: Headlines regarding space and astronomy.

Astronomy Professionals

Learn more about astronomy from scientists who look at the stars for a living. A great look at what is happening from a professional point of view.

  1. Starts With a Bang!: A great blog from an astrophysicist teaching at Lewis & Clark College.
  2. Bad Astronomy: Former NASA astronomer provides information on space, and blogs about the latest happenings in the world of astronomy.
  3. AstroENGINE: This solar physicist offers great insight into the workings of space and physics.
  4. One Small Step: This astronomy postdoc student blogs about research, what’s going with space and more.
  5. Astronaut Leroy Chiao’s Blog: Read about the life and work of this former NASA astronaut (he flew four missions), as well as get some great insights on astronomy and space.
  6. Astronomer and writer Will Gater offers interesting insights into astronomy and space.
  7. The e-Astronomer: A look at astronomy from a professor in Edinburgh.
  8. GM=tc^3: This great blog is from a “full time scientist” and offers insights into astronomy.
  9. Systemic: A great blog focusing on planetary systems and other aspects of space and astronomy.
  10. Orbiting Frog: With a Ph.D. in astrophysics, this blogger offers an interesting take on astronomy and the universe in general.

Astronomy Hobbyists and Star Gazing Tips

You can learn a lot from amateurs who enjoy astronomy. Read about their exploits, and learn some helpful tips that will enhance your start gazing.

  1. Sky this Week: A great blog run by an amateur astronomer. Great for those looking for information on star gazing.
  2. Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum: Interesting insights from an amateur astronomy.
  3. Space for All: This is the HobbySpace Log and it offers interesting insights on what is going on in the world of space and astronomy.
  4. Clear Skies on Demand: This hobbyist offers interesting insights on astronomy in this astronomical journal.
  5. Visual Astronomy: Get star gazing tips, and learn tricks from this helpful blog.
  6. The Urban Astronomer: Great tips, insights and helpful hints on backyard astronomy — when you live in a city.
  7. Simostronomy: A look at the stars from a point of view that occasionally includes humor.
  8. Homeboy Astronomy Blog: Great tips and tricks that can help you enjoy your backyard astronomy a little bit more.
  9. Black Holes and Astrostuff: Great resource for the amateur astronomer.
  10. Astronomy for Everyone: An accessible blog about astronomy and space.

Astronomy Images

Get a look at space with help from these blogs, which feature images from the cosmos.

  1. Belt of Venus: See interesting images and sketches of different items in space. Includes observation notes from an astronomer.
  2. Phil’s Astronomy Blog: Features images of space. A great look at what we see in the sky.
  3. Astronomy Picture of the Day: NASA offers a great way for you to see the distant galaxies and stars.
  4. Flintstone Stargazing: A great blog with beautiful pictures of celestial objects.
  5. Above the Clouds: Image heavy blog with the thoughts of this star gazer.
  6. AzSpaceBlog: This astronomer takes lovely pictures of the heavens.

Space Exploration

Astronomy blogs that focus on space exploration can help you find interesting insights for the future.

  1. The Martian Chronicles: This blog is all about getting ready for the exploration of Mars. Includes information on planets and other objects of interest in astronomy.
  2. Colony Worlds: A look at the latest news and technology that could lead to space colonization.
  3. The Planetary Society Blog: Keep up with the latest in planets, astronomy, and what’s next.
  4. The Space Review: Read interesting commentary and essays on the future of space exploration.
  5. Centauri Dreams: A look at possible space missions, and ideas of space exploration.
  6. Riding with Robots: A cool blog that allows you to come along for the ride with the robotic exploration of space.
  7. The Space Elevator Blog: A blog that addresses a way that we could have better access to space.
  8. Space Pragmatism: Follows different ideas for space exploration.

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